With this JUNE NINETEEN Perseverance collection, we wanted to create some sort of a pill for those who work hard but still want to keep it fun and easy. Kind of like
a perseverance potion.

There is a saying, "what we hope ever to do with ease we must first learn to do with perseverance". So, whatever you do, don’t quit (yes, you can readjust your navigation), maybe you just need
a daily reminder that tenacity is very cool.

TOP PHOTO > Neil Leifer, Aerial view of New York Yankees Mickey Mantle (7) in action, at bat vs San Francisco Giants Tom Haller (5) as AL home plate umpire Jim Honochick watches at Yankee Stadium. Game 4 (1962) "Relentless" exhibition at Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica, CA

> perseverance

How often in our everyday lives do we ask ourselves - should I quit or continue? Is your goal around the corner or
still far? Can we get there before the dawn or
will the wolf meet us on the last steps before we reach the door?

We stamped on this idea of doubting, uncertainty, and lack of conviction, and decided to organize and reformulate it.

Confused at first,
we begin reading into Jung and Freud. Then, to top things off, we started to swim daily and take acting classes. And the recurring theme throughout all of this was persistence and determination.