> what is june nineteen

It’s a summer’s day. Unique, yet at the same so ordinary. Just one of many.  A day where the sun rises and sets.

It’s a creative project that encapsulates those feelings of both the special and quotidian, all in one.

Feminine, but not too polished and not too perfect because incompleteness, impermanence and imperfection is what makes us feel electric.

Partially raw and partially primitive, it’s a mix of experiences and obsessions, fragility and strength.

Pure, elegant and a bit weird.

It’s about owning less, owning only the meaningful - objects that have magic in them.

And it’s dedicated to all the nomads who seek adventure and the big city dwellers who long for their forests (read here about JUNE NINETEEN Comb collection that reinvigorates a story about protective trees that reside within an amulet)